My First Post

I am sitting here on a Tuesday afternoon. There are a lot of things I should be doing but I am not. Instead, at the age of 39, and well past the prime of blogs, I am writing the first post of my own.

I once saw a TikTok of a girl about 18 years old balling her eyes out. The video went on to show her an inbox full of emails her dad has been writing her since she was born. He didn’t give her inbox login until her 18th birthday. This really hit me. My mom died years ago and I never know what’s rolling around in my dad’s head. Imagine I had an inbox full of their life stories as they were living them. Towards the end of the TikTok I was crying, and inspired. I filed the idea in my own inbox. I see it sitting there often, but I haven’t done much.

There is a famed web designer and speaker named Chris Coyier. I have followed his career across blogs and podcasts for over a decade. Sometime last year he sold the website and his claim to fame, The website was never the same and I stopped visiting. Sometime this year I popped over there to see what was new and noticed they hadn’t posted in 6 months. Looks like they couldn’t survive without Chris. I googled him to what he was up to and landed on his personal blog. He still writes almost daily. Sometimes, it’s just a link, sometimes its web design related, and often it’s just thoughts and stories about his current life. I was inspired again.

So, here I am, on this Tuesday, and I removing forwarding from this domain ( to Emily is closer to 7 years old than 6, and I wish I had started a blog back then. I am not sure what my aim is for this blog but I have a lot of ideas and the stakes are low. I mostly want a repository for all the time thats considered wasted but is anything but.

Going on a vacation? Great, write about it. Emily has a piano recital today, great, document it. Design something for the salon? Let’s see it. Beat a videogame? What did I think? That’s the jist. For now, this is my first post.


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